ok who else here loves john woo & his 2 films that got heavily chopped up by universal & paramount studios .hard target with jcvd & mi2 with tom cruise are best films in the world.its about time the uncut verions should be digitally mastered are released.spread the word guys


nusrat fateh ali khan release many albums but there were also some ghazal albums that he release.and if anyone know where to get them..please post the information here…thanks..

and all those facebook fan pages of nfak are fake they are not official.ive tried to talk to them but they ignore users..it got like more then 85,000 people fan of the pages but still.thats not worth it..there should be a website for nusrat fateh ali khan ..


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hmmm..nice blog eh?

listening to music

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i am so bored this day and got nothing to do so just listening to music thats it


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nusrat fateh ali khan

joined wordpress.com

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ive joined wordpress.com and its good i like it

Hello world!

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